The eDNA Discovery Lab

Have you ever wondered what lives in your local area? It’s now possible for you to discover the biodiversity of lakes, ponds, rivers and even the oceans.

The eDNA Discovery Lab is an easy-to-use sampling kit for everyone. You simply collect and filter water from across the UK, then send it back to our labs. We’ll process your samples and tell you what’s been living in the water. We do this by looking for the traces of DNA that living things leave behind in the environment.

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How does it work?

Give the gift of discovery: the eDNA Discovery Lab is the ideal present

Be the expert of your local area

Contribute to our knowledge of nature

Every sample counts

Be part of something bigger

Join the mission for more knowledge

When you use the eDNA Discovery Lab, your eyes will be opened to a world of unknown biodiversity. This is exciting, fun and educational, and it’s also important for our natural world.

We don’t know a lot about "who lives where, and when", so the more you discover, the more knowledge we can build about nature.

With every sample that you collect, it’s not only you that’s learning. You’re the building blocks for our scientific understanding of the world too. Let’s join together to discover biodiversity today, and create a bigger picture that we’re proud of.

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Inside the box

You’ll receive an easy-to-use kit with everything that you’ll need to discover the biodiversity of your site. This includes a NatureMetrics filtering kit, a datasheet to fill in, a water-collection bag and all the instructions on how to get started. With the eDNA Discovery Lab, you’ll be collecting scientific data in no time!

The App

We’ve got an exciting new app on the way. Start discovering today, and soon you’ll be able to log in and track your discoveries.

Get involved today

The eDNA Discovery Lab is for everyone.

We’ve created something for the whole family, children and adults alike, from community groups to gardeners, and teachers to anglers and conservationists. Whoever you are, and whatever your interests, join the quest for discovery today.

Got any questions? Get in touch with us to find out what's possible with the eDNA Discovery Lab.


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